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Next Level Update May 2023



Our time working in juvenile detention and jail has been impactful. This year, we are recognizing that our vision for Next Level is growing. This past April, our family was presented with the opportunity to return to Ensenada, Mexico with an organization we have partnered with in the past. For years, Baja Bound has been close to our hearts and we've been longing to go back and take our girls with us. We spent 6 days in Mexico and ended our trip with a brand-new home built for a family of 4 and a renewed vision for Next Level


We've come full circle around to our original vision (from back in 2019) - a coffee shop that can raise funds for home builds in Mexico. We would love to still have a coffee shop that can reach youth but we also see the value of pouring into the men in our community that are ready to be led by someone like Lucas. So, our goal is to partner with our roofing business (Peninsula Peaks Roofing), in that, our nonprofit would raise funds for home builds and our roofing business would take members of our team (or other community members!) down to Ensenada to serve alongside us. We do not desire (at this time) to have a ‘brick and mortar’ location for our coffee shop, we want to be mobile. We want to be in the community and meet our neighbors (at local events) with truth, encouragement, and good coffee. Our camper trailer is a perfect fit for this. We will be renovating it to meet health code standards and to be just the right design for our family.


Due to this renewed vision and fresh direction, we believe a rebranding is appropriate! Our nonprofit is now officially, "Peninsula Peaks Coffee" to tie in our roofing business and tie in the impact on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico (not to mention the impact on the Olympic Peninsula!). Our desire, and mission, is to "change lives on both sides of the border, one cup at a time".


Thank you so much for your support as we navigate this new direction. We have been honored by your financial support, wisdom, and encouragement while on mission for our community!



Lucas and Angela Fennell

Admin note: Our parent organization – InFocus Ministries - is changing over to a new donor platform. FaithLife is officially closed and if you would like to move with us in our new vision and direction of Peninsula Peaks Coffee please follow the link below to create a new account. We have big dreams for our mobile coffee trailer and all the lives it will impact. Please consider partnering with us as we our unit up and running by late summer this year!

You can now hear about and join us over at Peninsula Peaks Coffee


PO Box 1363 Sequim, WA 98382

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