In July, we moved to the Olympic Peninsula to pursue our dream of pioneering a nonprofit community outreach for youth! Port Angeles has one of the highest crime rates when compared to all communities of all sizes in America! In addition, the communities out here have little-to-no youth-friendly establishments open later than about 7 PM! Therefore, we believe it is vital that we pioneer a community center to invest in the youth of the peninsula, beginning in Port Angeles and expanding to other cities as resources become available and doors open!


The difference between surviving and thriving is often a few adjustments. Whether shoring up a deficiency in a relational skill, acquiring a practical life skill or investing in a natural strength; we see Next Level as a place to draw upon the strength of the community to help support and empower the next generation. Programs at our facility will focus on youth enrichment courses: goal setting, job readiness, healthy relationship tools, and general life skills, such as personal finance, home economics, automotive care, shop/construction, self-defense, etc.


Finally, we are excited about providing the community with a location for a healthy night-life, open till 10 PM – making us a one-of-a-kind safe location available to all ages to connect, play games (from our available game libraries), enjoy bringing their talents to ‘open-mic nights’ and other regularly scheduled events!



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