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President & CEO

After spending his childhood in Alaska, Lucas moved to Washington to continue enjoying the adventure of the Pacific NW. After 12 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Angela, and his three gorgeous daughters, he is excited to continue learning how to develop healthy communication skills. 

He enjoys playing Magic The Gathering, playing music (his favorite is the cello), and teaching young boys how to work hard!

Lucas' favorite coffee is a triple americano with a heavy pour of cream.



Vice President & COO

Raised for most of her life in Washington, Angela is a natural coffee lover and is enchanted by the beautiful scenery of the Pacific NW. Angela and Lucas met working in coffee and it has been their dream to open a shop one day. A shop that has delicious tasting coffee that also does good for the community. 

She enjoys playing music, watercolor painting & handlettering, and snuggling with her three little girls!

Angela's coffee of choice is a triple americano with almond milk....and the occasional dash of white chocolate!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Operations Manager

Janis was born and raised in Washington and cares deeply about the people here. Any excuse to sit down for a hot cup of coffee is taken regularly. Her first job was making coffee and the experience and confidence from that launched her into life changing opportunities to this day.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for almost 20 years and enjoys outdoor adventures and popcorn movie nights with him and their two children.

Janis’s coffee of choice is a triple 12 oz almond milk latte.

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